September 1, 2008

Labor Day

Chad has been on a huge hunting kick these past few weekends so we haven't been doing much exciting. We were both really looking forward to the long weekend. His mom went to a lot of work and planned a family reunion with her siblings and their kids at Strawberry Res. Everyone met up there Sunday afternoon and we planned to do lot's of boating and 4 wheeling. Unfortunatly the weather didn't cooperate so the whole thing got cut short. Sunday night was rainy and semi cold and then Monday morning was worse. So everyone but Chad and I packed up and headed home. Chad wanted to get a little more hunting in with his friend that was staying nearby, so Cooper and I just stayed in the RV and watched a couple movies until he came back. Overall it did end up being a good weekend!


scott and melanie said...

looks sooooooo pretty! Fun LOVE camping!

Nicole said...

CONGRATS on the BABY GIRL!!! That is so exciting! You guys will love every minute of it!! Good luck!

Monica said...

I'm glad we could take your class so you could enjoy your weekend a little more :) Only one of our kids showed up anyway so it was better to have other kids join us!