August 22, 2009

Our Weekend

Chad was hunting again this weekend but Leighton and I still ended up having so much fun. It wasn't really a girls weekend but I did get to hang out with some of the girls that I love and some of their husbands. Crystal and Taylor know how to throw a party! The babies don't quite get how to play with each other yet but they are sure good at grabbing and poking at each other. They are lined up from youngest to oldest.

August 17, 2009


I spent an extended weekend in St George with Leighton and my family. We left Chad home because it was the opening of the bow hunt this weekend. I haven't done any decorating in the babies room at all so I took down a project to work on to brighten up her room. I did some modge podge on a magnet board and on a hair bow holder that I think turned out cute. We also went to lunch with all the girls in my family for my aunts birthday and of course went to the county fair.
Chad went hunting with a group of people. He was on his way home late Saturday night driving by himself with Joe and and Shawn up ahead. Chads cell service is horrible and of course his Xterra totally died and he got left up on the mountain. Luckily he had everything that he needed to spend the night safely but he said that he still froze. I think the worst part of his extra nights stay was running out of T.P. and having to make due.