November 7, 2010

Photo Gems

I love these two pictures of Leighton. We spent the weekend in Zion's with my familyl.

November 1, 2010

Halloween Festivities

We really got our Halloween fill this year. 4 days of it to be exact. I think the little devil costume is about worn out. It's got dirt, leaves, food, candy and chocolate milk all over it at this point.
Thursday: i brought Leighton over to my work to trick or treat and show her off. She got to run around with some of her little friends.

Friday: We went to our ward party and did some trunk or treating. Afterwards we had some buddies come over to our house to hang out. There was not a lot of cooperation when it came to taking pictures. They just wanted to play!

Saturday: We went to Chili's to eat with some friends. I wish I would have taken Brian Cole's picture but all I got was a grumpy shot of our pretty princess.
Sunday: Chad's mom and aunt's put together a fun Halloween party at his grandmas house. Everyone dressed up and played some games.

We had a few sneak out a little early but this is most of the scary group.