February 28, 2014


  Grandpa's favorite childhood ride is a must!

February 3, 2014

A fantastic start to 2014

 This little dude is growing like a weed and his sister along with all of us are totally in love with him.

 Grandpa had to come up for work so he stayed with us for a couple of nights.
 I'm pretty excited to have little boys that I can coordinate outfits with.  They don't care that I just want 1 cute picture
 At least I always have my cute little poser!

 January is all about our little princess!  She loves her birthday and it has to be a big deal.  I think we celebrate it for a few weeks at least.  She is pretty much the most amazing little girl that I know so she kinda deserves it.  My job as a mom would be a lot harder without her.  She is sweet and helpful and so kind.  She always wants to do what she is supposed to.  She loves to learn and is always coming up with ideas for art projects.  She might even color better than her dad.
 Aunt Kourt made her a fishy cake that was really cute and good.
 2 beautiful babies

 I love when I can capture his cute little smile.

 We spent Leighton's birthday in Vegas.  We stayed at the Venetian and had a beautiful room to celebrate in.
 She got some money so that she could go shopping at Toys R Us to pick out some of her favorite things.

 Cupcakes, cinnamon rolls, and chocolate milk make these 2 pretty happy.
 The kids thought it would be fun to bring all of their balloons into the bath tub with them.  They had so much fun and I think it could be a great tradition to start.

 We spent the last half of the week in St. George.  Grandma made sure to have lot's of special things for the kids to do.  We made and decorated an angel food cake.
 On Saturday we got the whole family together for bowling.  My dad would definitely want me to tell everyone that he and my mom had the highest scores out of the group.

 I did win this round..
 Cutest form!
 You had to be 4 years old to bowl but Schaeff dog helped dad out and thought that was just as good.
 Our whole great group.  Afterwards we went to Leighton's favorite place..Chile's for lunch.
 More cake and more presents
All grandkids on my side.