October 27, 2009

Date Night

The one benefit to having Chad in class some nights is that I get to have a date night with Krystal and Rachel. Krystals hubby is in class 2 and Rachel is nice enough to make time for us in her busy life. This week Krystal had us over to her house for an awesome dinner. I grew up with these girls and it's so much fun to get together and reminisce.
This picture was taken last night at a surprise party for Mike. Life gets busy and we don't get together often enough so a birthday is always a good excuse.

October 24, 2009

Some Pre-Halloween

I don't decorate for Halloween but our Grandma Anita goes all out. Leighton had a mini panic attack when we tried to make her pose for pictures but I made her anyways :)

October 18, 2009

Pictures at the Temple

We had a fun little mini photo shoot at the temple until we accidently sat the baby down in an ant pile and she got bit all over. Poor little thing had little welts all over her legs and feet.

October 15, 2009

4 Years!!

I believe that it was by pure fate that I met Chad. He is everything I could have asked for and he makes my life amazing! Happy Anniversary to us!

October 13, 2009

Can you say COLD!!

We took a quick vacation to Thayne, Jackson, and Yellowstone. For some DUMB reason we didn't even bother to check the forecast. We got to enjoy lots of snow, wind, and rain. that we weren't prepared for. We did hit up a few of the must see sights on our trip and still got to see all the animals. The must have picture in Jackson Hole. The Spencers came with and kept us great company.This is a quick hike we took at Jenny Lake.
The cabin we were staying in was in kind of a wooded area on a golf course. There were lots of deer all over just eating the trees and bushes. One morning when we woke up this buck was just hanging out. I was excited to get pictures of him.
Just B4 Old Faithful went off.

October 7, 2009

Sleepy Trick

This doesn't look comfortable to me but it must be to her because every time we take her on a walk she comes home asleep. I just think she looks cute all bundled up.
This is just a picture I took tonight that I thought turned out cute.

October 4, 2009

Biter Biscuits and Regrowth

I hesitate to give her these things because they are such a mess but she loves them. Plus I think she makes a cute little mess.Please tell me that someone else has to deal with this problem!
Since having my baby some of the hair that I lost is starting to grow back in and I look like Alfalfa! It just pokes straight up and is of course right up front. For all of your sakes I hope I'm the only one that this happens to but I guess for my sake I hope someone else has this problem.