January 29, 2012

Birthday Girl

We are obssesed with this little lady!
Happy Birthday Leighton!
I hope we can help make your life as happy as you make ours!
Some of the cute little party goers in the hunting dress ups.
Cabella's does Birthday Parties!
It turned out perfect and the best part was I didn't have to do a whole lot for it. They provided games and did the decorating.

January 22, 2012

Busy Weekend

This weekend has been busy!
We've had company since Wednesday night...I'm not complaining, we loved it!
We drove to and from Rexburg on Friday for this pretty girls wedding.
I am also vowing to never stay in a motel with my children again. I think my parents do to.
Our fun group
Schaeff's scrunch face. He LOVES his tub time. I think he gets some of his aggression out.
He slaps the heck out of the water for a good 15 minutes.
These 2 had fun playing in the snow. They created this unique creature and were very proud of themselves.
Schaeff hated sledding. Leighton loved it.
We did an early bday party for Leighton with her St. George family. She got some cute things.
Leighton got to have some girl/cousin time. Chad set them up a tent in the living room and they had a sleepover/campout.

January 11, 2012

The Bestie Ever!

It is one of my very favorite bestie's BDay today! Christin is entering into the last year of her 20's. She did an awesome post for me on my 30th bday and I wanted to return the favor. Problem is that she is great with her words and feelings...I am not!

We have been friends for over a decade now. I love this girl to pieces and some of my VERY best memories involve her. I'm going to picture montage you with a bunch of my favorites. We are going way back to 2001.

You have to love all of our endless trips to Vegas and Mesquite. For New Years or whatever excuse we could find. We always had fun and there was always a story to tell.

Long live Whitney and Mariah! and pleather...
Meeting Pauly Shore and thinking we were so cool? Maybe that started my celebrity obsession..

Dixie College Football games!

The Ball Fields. Where were my clothes?

Applebee's..always keeping it real ;)

I have no idea what we were thinking but I will always love our memories from the most ridiculous summer school class to ever be taken. Can you believe we spent a day having to dig for fossils. Remember showing up and looking so ridiculous because we were ready to sun tan while everyone else was covered from head to toe.

The camping trip that went along with that class..aaagh! Dumpy thighs and leather face.

Checking out the Utah State campus. We didn't know what snow even was and for some crazy reason I decided it'd be a good idea to move up there.

All the fun times we had at Bluestone. I still wish you would have just moved on in.

Making ourselves the black bridesmaids.
The Fab 5

I feel like we grew so much closer on our trip to Miami. Man am I glad you moved back to Provo!

You are gorgeous, amazing, spiritual, talented, and driven. I know that this is going to be your year! Thank you for always being my friend, for loving my kids, for letting my hubby tease you, for watching reality shows with me, sleeping over even if it means sharing a bed with 3 others, watching fighting movies, always being up for lunch or dinner, listening to me worry, letting me live vicariously through you, going on all the blind dates we've set you up on... the list could go on and on and on .

Happy Birthday!!

Without your birthday on Jan 14th of 2005 I never would have met this guy. I'm pretty grateful for that too!

January 1, 2012


Schaeffer had his eye surgery and it went great. This is a picture of him in recovery. It was the LONGEST day! The poor boy didn't eat until about 2 that afternoon. When we went for his 2 week follow up the Dr. was really excited about how well he was doing.
This is our the only New Year's picture we have. It was low key this year but I think it was just right.
This is Schaeffer getting to know Santa. He is such a mellow kid. Just sat up there and let us take pictures.
Leighton cheesed it up. She knew all about Santa this year and was excited to see him or talk to him every chance she got. I made her a little Christmas outfit to wear to the Beck family party.
Kyns and Leighton had matching outfits.
We had some fun with friends in December.
I just realized that about an hour ago I deleted all of the Christmas pictures from my camera. I would be totally devastated other than I know I loaded them on the computer at my mom and dads house. I thought for sure I'd put them on my laptop.