January 31, 2010

It's fun to turn 1!

This little stink had her 1st birthday on Friday. I'm not the party throwing type but for her first birthday we couldn't resist.
Chad and I were so touched by all the people that came to celebrate with us. We had an easy dinner, talked and visited, and then watched Leighton open her presents and eat cake.We're missing 2 kids who had went home by this time but I'm so excited to get to watch all these little ones grow up. I think they're going to be a fun group.
Leighton is the kind of girl that I don't even put a bib on when I feed her because she's so clean. So I guess I'm not surprised that she was so careful as she ate her cake. She liked it and was very persistent with eating, but she was pretty clean. I think the only reason she has frosting on her is because uncle Jason helped her smear some on her forehead and chest.
My mom, dad, and grandma made the trip up from St. George. I never got picture of them at the party so I made them pose for me after church.

Happy 1st Leighton!! We Love you so much!

January 12, 2010


We just bought ourselves bikes off of the KSL classifieds. We went on our first ride this Saturday. The Provo River Trail is so close to our house so we got on that and rode down to Utah Lake. We also bought the baby one of those trailers so we can pull her and the dog behind. Chad is goal orientated and has decided he's going to start training for a triathlon. I'll just be happy if I build some muscle.

January 5, 2010

Holiday Happenings

This is our New Years kiss

The best part of 2009 was of course the birth of our baby girl. It's made every single day something new and exciting.

We'll be celebrating her 1st birthday the end of this month... I can't believe it!

We spent Christmas in St George with my family. Most everyone was able to be there this year and we had a big family dinner at Pancho and Leftys. I don't like to be front and center but I was the one who knew how to run the self timer.

Christmas morning was exciting because we got to open presents with Leighton for her first time. She got some fun toys, clothes, and books.