February 19, 2009

More Pics

Hopefully you're not all to sick of seeing pictures of our baby because I can't resist posting a few more recent ones. Last weekend our friend Shawna spent her Valentines evening taking pictures of Leighton and I just got the results in the mail.

Cooper has been such a sport in dealing with our new addition. I know he still feels a little neglected but I can tell he loves the baby.

If any of you want to check out Shawnas photo blog go to photosbymurry.blogspot.com

February 11, 2009

Sleeping Beauty

We sure love this little girl. She'll be 2 weeks tomorrow.
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February 8, 2009

First real bath

We decided to give this little thing her first real bath today. We had to change the water just 2 times because she decided to poop once and then pee another time. It took her mommy and daddy to hold her in place and wash her. We still need some practice.

February 4, 2009

Almost a week

Everyone says you'll be so tired after you have a baby. I was always like yeah yeah. I believed them but didn't comprehend how tired and exhausted you really get. I need my sleep to function and I haven't been getting nearly enough. Therefor my blog has been neglected. Leighton will be a week old tomorrow. She is eating like a champ and doing really good. Chad and I are loving having her here. I'm going to catch up on some pictures in this post so you can all see a little more of our sweetie.

The Birth Story

I went into my weekly Doctors appointment last Wed. to get my final check. He decided to send me for an ultrasound because my stomach was measuring small. The ultrasound techs went through the whole process and then told me to wait there. They came back in and had my Doctor on the phone who told me that my baby was measuring only 34 weeks and that we needed to have her today. He said to go home and get ready and head over to the hospital. I was freaking out and pretty scared because I didn't know what all of this meant. I called Chad and told him to come home from work and called my mom and told her to start heading up. Once we got to the hospital at 3pm on the 28th they calmed us down and hooked me up to everything to get the process rolling. It was a really long night of just waiting for the dialation process to happen. Every time they would turn up the pitocin Leightons heart rate would go all nuts so they'd have to turn it back down. Finally at 3am on the 29th I dilated to a 10. I pushed for an hour and a half when they finally called my doc and said that she was kind of stuck. He showed up at 5pm and decided that because of my bone structure the only way she was going to come out was by putting some suction cup on her head. At 5:27 am our little Leighton was born. They only expected her to weigh 5lbs at the most so were pretty excited when she came out at 6.7lbs. She had had a bowel movement while in my stomach so the NICU team had to be there to make sure everything was okay. It got a little intense at some moments but giving birth is the most amazing experience. I was able to share it with Chad, my mom, and grandma. Chad was so scared that he wasn't going to be able to handle it but he did so well and is such a proud dad.

I think we both look a little scared. Lot's of sleepingWhoops she had a little accident on Grandma.