February 25, 2015

St Pat's Pics

 We are getting into the spirit a little early!

Leighton pics

February 24, 2015

Cell phone pics

 Haven't downloaded pics to my computer forever.  These go back a bit and most of them didn't end up  making it into the 2014 book so I'm documenting them here.
 I get to deal with this bed head every morning.  Most of the time we put a hat on it and call it good.
 Date night

 Every day I get to see the most magnificent sunsets from my bedroom window.
 Old neighbors coming to visit.
 Rescuing our cat from the flipping pound.  They picked her up in front of our house.
 This was fun until right after I took this pic I ran over our vacuum cord and burned it up.
 The only safe place from Gib
 Thanksgiving turkey
 This little project one 1st place overall in the 3-D division for reflections.  It took 3rd in districts and is currently being judged at the state level.
 Another gorgous view
 Our cozy Christmas tree
 Christmas Eve
 Bean museum

 Front yard sledding

 Grandma Anita spoils my kids.  He was in ninja turtle heaven.

 1 + 5 = 6 Happy Bday Leighton

 Leighton's bday morning having to karate chop out of her room.

 Enjoying some alone time with Chad in Las Vegas.

 Children's museum
 Grandma Anita and Leighton
 Story time with dad
 So kissable

 vday dates!
 vday cookies at grandma Kay's

 Ranger ride