July 25, 2008

Softball & Boating

I finally made it to one of Chad's city league games in Spanish Fork. It's tournament time over there. I think I must have been bad luck because they lost! At least it was a dramatic loss... There were 2 outs in the last inning and the game was tied. Due to some mistakes the other team ended up loading the bases and the next batter up hit a grand slam over the fence. Some of our friends from Springville were playing on another field and I ended up getting a cute pic of Chad, Mike D, and JesseI also got a cute pic of Mike D's wife Dianna. She is the cutest thing and always makes me look like a giant in pics next to her. We also had a quick convo with Kelsie and Ryan. We were hoping to make it to the rodeo with them. It was sold out! So sad! I think this is the first year we haven't been able to go. We'll live I guess, and Kelsie we need to go do something else soon with you guys!

I love July because of the 4th and the 24th. I luckily have a husband that is so fun and always has to be doing something. We got a group of friends together and headed out to Utah Lake. I guess that is the other good thing about Chad, there is no sleeping in. We were there by 9 a.m. That is early for me on a Holiday but it was worth it! We spent about 4 hours out there wakeboarding but mostly as always shooting the breeze. It was little Shaylies first time out on a boat. She did really well as long as she didn't have to wear her life jacket. We had to keep a good eye out for the lake police because they were there in full force.

Don't worry mom I wore SPF 60 and got no new sun.
Our 1st group shot minus Chad because he couldn't get off the phone.
The final group shot with Chad on his phone. I'll take what I can get...We were out walking Cooper last night once it cooled down enough. Just as we were about to turn off our street we could hear sirens coming from all over. Fire engines, cop cars, and ambulances came flying down 1200 West and to our surprise turned into our complex. So we came back to see what was going on. The story I heard was that someone from the freeway had thrown a firecracker into the storage units and it had caught fire. My picture doesn't do a very good job at capturing the action, but there was a lot going on for a good half hour. Luckily the action was far away from our storage unit. Our neighbor Jason is a firefighter so we had to call and give him a hard time for not being home to protect our stuff.

We hope everyone had a great 24th!

July 15, 2008

Our weekend apart :(

This weekend Chad and I got to do our favorite things. I'm going to start with me because I don't really have a lot of pictures to post. My good friend Kelly flew in on Friday from Minnesota. So she, my friend Rachel, and I went to St George. I haven't been home to visit my family in so long that I have to admit I was getting a little homesick. It was so nice to hang out with my mom and dad. We also got to see my brother and sister in law, grandma and some of my cousins. On Saturday night I went out with Kelly, Rachel, and Kati for dinner and a movie. It's always good to get together with my best friends. We left Monday morning at about 7:30a.m. I tried driving home but luckily Rachel was way more awake than I was and took us safely the rest of the way. Over the 4th of July weekend we left our camper at Strawberry Res. I felt bad because Chad had to go and get it. He decided to make the best of the situation by taking his 4 wheeler and bow up there and he stayed the night all by himself. He's not much for hanging out by himself so I was pretty surprised he wanted to do that. He said he actually had fun so that was good. On Saturday Joe and Chad went on a big hike and planned to camp. They've both got so much hiking and camping stuff that I'm glad they are using it. This is Chads first time using our new tent. So far so good. About this time Joe realizes that he left his sleeping bag in the car at the bottom of the mountain.
I haven't heard the story from Joe but Chad did a really good job at photographing the sitaution. Luckily Joe had a warm wool coat he put on backwards to try and cover his top. He put on his gym shorts and then put his legs in Chads sweatshirt. Chad also had a small blanket they put over his legs followed by another jacket. I think Joe slept pretty miserable because he was cold and uncomfortable. The trip wasn't a total bust because they were able to do some good animal spotting. I don't know if it's big enough to see but it's pretty obvious Joe isn't a boy that slept well the night before. Chad sure had fun and loves that Joe is always keeping things exciting. Thanks Joe for taking care of my husband while I was gone.

July 7, 2008

The Latest

These past 2 weekends we've spent at Strawberry Res. The first weekend we went up for a quick Friday night stay at Brian and Heathers cabin. We ate really good and had a lot of fun staying laughing and talking. We also had our first accident with Chads gun. I won't go into detail cuz I think Brian might kill me :)Chad and I were so excited for the 4th of July weekend we could hardly stand it. We were meeting a group of our friends for camping Thursday and Friday night. I didn't do a great job at taking pictures, but we fished, camped with 2 dogs and 7 puppies, and 4 wheeled around. Can I just tell you how bad I hate hiking. Seriously I'm cool with going on a nice stroll but hiking I hate! Somehow the last 2 Sundays I've ended up hiking. This Sunday we hiked with Chads parents and little brother to Stuart Falls. It was actually really pretty and the weather was a lot cooler than it's been. The pictures turned out pretty good considering we did it with a self timer.