May 31, 2009

4 Months

14lbs = 60th percentile
25 inches = 79th percentile

May 25, 2009


My parents invited my little family to go along with them to California this year. We stayed in a cute little condo right on the beach. Some of the highlights of the trip were going to Sea World, the zoo, and the Wild Animal Park. My dad and I went to a Padres game where we had the best seats and had a lot of fun. There were some awesome outlets that we spent the day at. I've decided that buying baby clothes is an addiction. We also got to see some of our California relatives that we don't see often enough. Best of all Leighton and I got to hang out with my parents and my grandma.
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May 17, 2009

St George

The weather in Utah County has been nice, but I don't think anything can beat the St. George sunshine.

May 11, 2009

We woke up to...

Graffiti on our garage. Unfortunately they didn't just get us, they wrote on cars, houses and the garages of our neighbors too. The cops were outside working on it when Chad left this morning for the gym. We are seriously rethinking where we moved.

May 10, 2009

Happy Mothers Day!

I'm sure loving being a mom to this little girl! This Saturday we went on a 4 wheeling trip through Spanish Fork Canyon. The Gun Show? Actually these two both rolled their 4 wheelers and are showing you their cuts and scrapes.The clean up crew is all gone from our house and the toilets and water are working...thank goodness! For now we're left with some cut up walls and missing carpet until hopefully sometime next week.

May 5, 2009

Some Heaven & Hell

This weekend has been one for the books. We blessed Leighton this weekend in our brand new ward. She wore my old blessing dress, and looked beautiful. Chad gave her a sweet blessing and I was really proud to be his wife. We had lot's of family and friends there to support us.
The baby of honor
These were the men in Leightons blessing circle minus Trint Pierce and Brian Cole
Here are Leightons Grandmas and Great Grandmas.The happy family.

Now for the Hell part:

On Friday night our 1st floor toilet was acting up. I went and bought a plunger and it seemed to be a fix. Saturday there were more problems and we couldn't get a hold of the builder or the plumber. Mind you, we've been in this house not even 2 wks and it is brand new. So on Sunday after everyone had left we really started to find the problems. There was a ton of water in our crawl space and crap was literally in our utility closet. So we had the roto rooter guy come over at about 9pm. He saw the damage and called the water damage specialists to come over and clean stuff up. The roto rooter man couldn't fix the problem but he was guessing that our sewer line had somehow been crushed. So everyone comes back over the next morning and we stick a camera down our sewer line. Everything is totally clear until it gets to about 80 feet out and then it's just black and won't go any further. So that afternoon a backhoe shows up to dig out our front lawn. They dig and dig and finally discover that we are completely missing about 3ft of our sewer line. So basically everything we flush goes down so far and then ends up coming back up and overflowing into our house. The carpet in the front room has to be replaced as does the bottom 2 ft of dry wall in our living room and we feel like we're living in a war zone right now.

This is set up so that we aren't breathing in all of the chemicals and stuff they are using to clean and disinfect. I kind of feel like we're filming an episode of 24 at my house and we can't let the virus escape. The guys working on this were wearing actual suits and helmets for protection.
This was towards the beginning of the hold digging. Trust me the hole and mess got much bigger.

Here is the broken pipe. The fun part of all of this is that everyone has been billing us because it's our house and it's going to be our responsibility to collect all of the money from the who sold us the place.

This is a long post but I just want to post a couple more cute pics.