December 22, 2008

Early Christmas with the Ashbys

This Sunday we had a co celebration at Chads parents house. Since we will be in St. George on Christmas day they had us open our presents early. It was also Garth's 55th birthday! So Kay made an awesome dinner and we had a good time hanging out. This is Chad and Jason picking on Jade. Thank goodness I'm pregnant...They couldn't lift me even if they wanted too.This picture is for Amanda and her family. We had fun opening her presents and then wearing the crowns that came inside.
This is what Chad gave Garth for his birthday. I think Chad bought it as much for himself as he did for his dad, but they both were excited and spent the afternoon shooting at it. Chad is also holding 2 of his arrows. He shot one into the other and would like to be called Robin Hood.

December 4, 2008

She's Home!!!

It's been a long 18 months but McCall is finally home! Chad is excited to have one of his sisters back in the United States. There was a good group of anxious family members awaiting her arrival from the Philippines.

She was glowing!She definitely had some happy/proud parents.

November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving we're especially grateful for the upcoming opportunity we are going to have to be parents. I am in my 31st week of pregnancy and we are getting so excited! I made Chad take some pictures with me really quick this morning with the self timer setting on our camera. It's a little cheesy I know... I've had a hard time watching my stomach get bigger but I figure it's about time I start to embrace it.
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November 24, 2008

Are we nuts??

Chad and I attended a Sabbath breaking after hours private event at Cabellas this Sunday. I think Chad may have been more excited about this event than the upcoming birth or our baby. We arrived about 5 minutes before the doors were set to open and it was already a mad house. If you look close you can see the line of people going on forever up ahead. It was like this on the north end as well. Everyone with the special invite was able to get employee pricing for the night. Chad has been saving every gift card he's been given and was able to buy himself a fancy new bow. We waited in line to check out for over an hour. I'm not sure it was worth it, but it was an experience.

November 18, 2008

Out with the OLD in with the NEW

Chad and Mountain West Trailers are the proud owner of a 2005 GMC Duramax. He is so excited to pull trailers up the Povo Canyon to his work. I didn't believe how bad the Ford was until I had to drive it to work one day. It's bad... So we'll hopefully enjoy this truck for awhile to come.

On Saturday we went for a quick ride up Hobble Creek. It was such a nice day and probably one of the last times we'll be able to go before it snows.

November 11, 2008

An Update

This past weekend we went to the Harvest Restaurant at Thanksgiving Point with the admissions team and the campus Pres. from my work. We've hit or acceded our goal for the entire 2008 year, something that has never been done. We were able to bring our spouses and make it a big deal. The dinner was really nice and it was fun for Chad to get to meet and hang out with some of the people I work with. I think a lot of weeks I spend more time with my co workers than I do with him. Luckily I love the people I work with so it makes it a lot of fun.
Sarah we missed you!!
On Saturday I got together with two of my favorite people to go shopping in Park City. I'm trying to get an early start on Christmas shopping. Call me a brat but it sure isn't as fun to buy stuff for other people, or to buy clothes for myself right now. I did get a lot accomplished and it was fun to spend time with Kati and Rachel.
Tonight we got together with a group to celebrate Todd and Heathers birthdays. We also got to say our goodbyes to Adam who is leaving in the morning for at least a couple of months.

October 28, 2008

Baby Belly

Chad has been telling me that I need to update. We haven't had a lot going on lately. He has been gone deer hunting most weekends and I've just been lazy. Tomorrow I will be in my 27th week of pregnancy and have been told that means I'm beginning my 7th month. So far it's been smooth sailing but I'm starting to feel like I'm definitely pregnant. I even had to go out and buy some blousier shirts because my other stuff does not look good. If it were up to me I'd be in sweats all day every day but unfortunately I have to look semi nice for work.
I'm never in the mood to cook so we probably go out to eat more than anyone else I know. This is Chad, Andrew D, and I at Chilies. Brian and Heather were on the other side taking the picture for us.
On Sunday we took a drive with Chads parents through Spanish Fork Canyon. We had a picnic up there and enjoyed the cool weather. Chad brought his bow and was able to shoot that for awhile. After we were done eating we of course went spotting for deer.

October 15, 2008

3 Years & Counting

It's official!! We've hit our three year mark. It's amazing how fast time flies. Our wedding seems like it was forever ago but in a totally good way. I don't know how I was lucky enough to end up with Chad but I know it was meant to be. From the first time I met him I could just feel his goodness. Our third year of marriage has been awesome but I think our fourth one is going to be the best!
I love you Chad and really do consider myself the luckiest girl in the world!

October 12, 2008

A Family Weekend

My parents came up from St. George this weekend to help us with some of our projects. My mom really wanted to go and see the Body World exhibit. I wondered if it would be gross but it was actually really neat. It was a cold day so we were dresssed in pretty warm clothes but let me tell you that place was close to 90 degrees I swear. So if any of you go to it wear layers in case you run into the same situation. Also don't lean against the so called walls. They are only curtains. Chad tried and about knocked the whole thing down. The room was silent when he did it. He was so embarassed and it was a close call.Chad bought 5 tickets to the BYU Homecoming game this weekend. Chad, his dad, and my dad went along with two of his other friends. My dads brother and his wife also came to town for the game. We met them for lunch at the Legends Grill and also had dinner with them. We don't get to see them very often so it was really fun to catch up. All of the hard work on our babies room is done! I'm so excited and it is such a transformation from what it was before. When we first moved into this place the weirdos before us had painted it the most hideous green. We put beadboard up on the bottom and then painted the top half. We also moved in all the furniture that I'd bought. I ordered my bedding on ebay too. It makes me a little nervous just because I haven't done it before, but it's really cute!

October 8, 2008

What a Mess

Our spare bedrooms are a mess! We are in the process of cleaning and emptying them out to make room for our new arrival. I don't think Chad and I had any idea how much crap we had. We are getting rid of our computer desk to free up space so we can set up our new baby furniture. My parents are headed up this weekend to help us paint and get things organized. So this will be the B4 picture and once everything is set up I'll post the after.

September 30, 2008

Prego Friends

Dianna, Elise, Kim
One of the best things about being pregnant is that I've got all sorts of friends that are in the same situation. Our friends that live across the hall are about a month behind me. I've got a great friend at work that is probably 6 or 7 weeks behind me. My friend Heather is going to be the first to have her baby this November. I'm due within 2 weeks of both the girls in this picture. All of us are having our very first kid so it's been a lot of fun to be able to share our experiences and ideas with each other. I bought a crib and dresser a couple weeks back that Chad is going to pick up tomorrow morning. Hopefully I'll be posting pics of that really soon. I found a place that manufactures them that is going out of business so they have killer prices and it's really quality furniture. If anyone is in the market for a crib let me know because they've got awesome stuff.
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September 29, 2008

I Love These Girls!

Friday night was so fun! I went with Rachel to SLC where we met Kati, Kandi, and the Buck. We had dinner together with a few other people. After that we spent the night at the Bucks house. It was so much fun to get together with all of these girls again. We used to be more or less joined a the hip but as we've gotten older it's harder to see each other as much as you would like too. I truly cherish the friendship that we've formed over the years and plan to stay close to them for the rest of my life.

September 19, 2008

The Bedspread

Just to warn you all, this is a going to be a dumb post. It's been awhile and obviously our lives are semi boring right now. I am excited about this though! My sweet little dog Cooper peed on my very favorite bedspread like a year ago. I had to the best intentions to get it dry cleaned and never have. It always helps when my mom and grandma come to town because they help me get all my stupid errands done that I never feel like I have time to do. So we found a dry cleaner and I picked it up on Wed. I went out and bought new sheets and pillows and am so excited to have a nice looking bed again! I took these pics quick this morning so they aren't the best, but you'll get the idea.

This is the culprit. He is no longer allowed anywhere near the bedspread.

Chad and I are off to St George for the weekend so hopefully we'll have something exciting to post on Sunday!

September 9, 2008

Birthday Weekend

Chad and I are both officially 27. We're starting to get old and it sux! We did have an awesome weekend celebrating. Another one of our good friends Jesse has his birthday a day before Chads so we went to dinner to celebrate everyones B-Day. We met at Fudruckers which isn't a place we usually go, but it was good and fun.
My mom and grandma also came up on Friday to spend the night with me. It's been awhile since I've seen either of them so that was a lot of fun. I officially went looking at baby cribs and things like that with them. We also went to eat at PF Changs and the Olive Garden and they left Chad and I with all sorts of left overs.
Chad and I decided that instead of buying presents for each other we would go stay the night in Park City. So Saturday afternoon we headed up there to shop and walk around. It was a lot of fun and there is nothing that I like to do more than hang out with my hubby!We went to a mexican restaurant up there called the Loco Lizard. I'd recommend it...This is us trying to take a picture of ourselves.
It was an awesome weekend and Thanks everyone for the Birthday wishes!

This next pic isn't very exciting but I thought I'd put it up here anyways. This is me in between 19 and 20 weeks along. Keep in mind I did take this picture first thing in the morning. I swear as the day progresses and the more I eat it get's bigger. I did feel our little baby in my belly for the first time this weekend. I thought that was pretty cool.

September 3, 2008

9/4 is a Special Day

Just in case you guys didn't know, this is what 27 looks like! He may not look incredibly excited but that is because I was making him pose while he was trying to drive on the freeway. It's technically one day early but I wanted to make sure this post got to be up here for Chads entire birthday. Chad, you're the best husband and my very best friend. Have the best day and I can't wait to go out to dinner tonight!

P.S. Joe I'm hoping that you'll read this because I have a feeling otherwise you're going to forget.

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September 1, 2008

Labor Day

Chad has been on a huge hunting kick these past few weekends so we haven't been doing much exciting. We were both really looking forward to the long weekend. His mom went to a lot of work and planned a family reunion with her siblings and their kids at Strawberry Res. Everyone met up there Sunday afternoon and we planned to do lot's of boating and 4 wheeling. Unfortunatly the weather didn't cooperate so the whole thing got cut short. Sunday night was rainy and semi cold and then Monday morning was worse. So everyone but Chad and I packed up and headed home. Chad wanted to get a little more hunting in with his friend that was staying nearby, so Cooper and I just stayed in the RV and watched a couple movies until he came back. Overall it did end up being a good weekend!

August 20, 2008

Guess What?!?!

Some of you may already know, but Chad and I are expecting a baby! It's (I'll keep the suspense going) due Jan. 29th. We've been keeping it pretty tight lipped but it has slipped out to a few people. While I was at work yesterday some of the girls talked me into setting an appointment to find out our babies gender. My actual appointment with the Dr. is in 2 weeks, but honestly I couldn't wait! The place was so nice and actually got me in that night. I told Chad I was working late and went with my friend Terri to find out. We've originally been thinking boy, but these last few weeks I haven't been as sure. I bought the first outfit I could find that would give it away to Chad.
Hopefully from this picture you can tell that we are going to be the proud parents of a baby GIRL! We're totally excited and Chad couldn't wipe the smile off his face all night! He's going to be such a good daddy! She'll be the first baby girl for both sets of grandparents and I think that means she is going to be spoiled! This whole parent thing is going to be crazy but I think we're finally ready!