March 19, 2016


 Leighton and her friends had a great time doing the Mini Waspette camp.

 Kids in their St. Patrick's Day shirts.

 We came to St. George to watch Leighton in her dance competition.  One of her dances took 1st overall and the other one took 2nd.
 So fun to have a big group there to watch and cheer Leighton on.

 Murphy is getting lot's of grandpa Milt snuggles
 Schaeffer got both of his eyes operated on during our trip to St. George.  We are hoping the dr was able to fix them just right so that he doesn't have to go through this again.

 Playing at the park in St. George

Gibson got his very own "bike" and he is crusing all over on it.

Murph Man at 2 Months