November 26, 2011

November news

Thanksgiving came and went so quickly. We had a wonderful day. We went to Chad's parents house where his mom cooked a bunch of great food. It was a smaller group than usual but still great company. I did a terrible job documenting with photos. Friday night we went to the Spanish Fork Light Parade. It was cold but fun enough. Leighton has been wanting to go to a parade for some reason so it came at the perfect time. We also did Black Friday shopping at Wal Mart and Macey's at 10pm and midnight and then a whole bunch of stores Friday afternoon. I think we just about have all of our shopping done!
This is was Schaeffer's 1st Thanksgiving. We got a 4 generation picture with his grandma Kay and her parents.
We got family pictures taken at the beginning of November. Leighton was my little model as usual. She smiled and posed and all of her pictures turned out so cute. She is almost 3 years old and is just getting more fun and sassier by the day.
Schaeffer turned 6 months on the 6th of this month. He is still just a big boy. 70% for weight and 90% for height. He has kept me ridiculously busy running back and forth to different Dr appointments. We found out last week that he is going to need eye surgery. Just recently I notice that his eyes had started to not quite match up. I took him to his pediatrician and they told me all was well. That didn't sit super well with me but what do you do. We ended up having to go in again a few days later and I saw his PA who thought it might be a good idea to go see a specialist. I took Schaeff to Primary Children's where the Dr there quickly diagnosed him with left superior oblique palsy of the cranial nerve 4. Basically his muscle is to tight so they have to go in and cut the muscle and reattach it so that hopefully his eyes will match up. In this picture below if you look close at his eyes you can tell that they don't quite match up. Sometimes it is worse than others. We have his surgery planned for the 8th so keep him in your prayers.
Since Schaeff has been able to hold his head up he has always tilted it to one side. We asked the Dr about it but he always said it was just preference. Come to find out the reason he does this is because otherwise the poor little guy has double vision. The picture below is as cute as can be but you can also tell he is tipping his head.
This past Monday we had tubes put in our little buddies ears as well. He has had constant ear infections since about the time he was born. Everything went really well so hopefully this will eliminate the infections for good.
This is Schaeff in his little hospital gown right before they took him back.
November has had some stresses but we are all so happy and are doing great. We have lots to be thankful for and it really is great to have a holiday dedicated to remembering that.