February 3, 2013

 One of my favorite things in the month of January was spending 2 days in Park City for the Sundance film festival.  I was literally this close to Alicia Keys and it was awesome!  We saw tons of other stars but she was the only one I really took a picture of.
 We celebrated Leighton's birthday quite a few times this past month.  She means the world to our family and it's fun to make her feel special.

 New Year's was a ton of fun.  We celebrated past 1am which is a huge thing for Chad.
 Schaeffer is nearing his terrible two's and it is scaring us.  Seriously this kid has some anger.  I think it could be a challenge some days.
 More celebrating Leighton's birthday.
 Playing with my new camera and some of the settings.
Leighton had her friend party and Lowe's Xtreme Air Sports.