August 26, 2011

Some Goofy Videos just because

Leighton is finally tall enough to start riding her bike. Every single day she begs me to take her outside to let her ride. It is pretty cute to watch because you can tell how proud she is of herself.

August 14, 2011

Latest St. George Visit

I'm heading back to work on Monday. I've had the past 3 months off in maternity leave. It has been so great being home with my kids full time. My house seems to be in better order, I'm cooking more, and have been having tons of fun on play dates and little weekend vacations. Hopefully some day I can be a full time SAHM.
I brought the kids down to my parents house for our last long visit for the next while. It ended up being a great weekend because the fair was in town.Thursday we went to the fair. There were no lines at any of the kids rides which was fantastic! I felt a little bad for Leighton having to ride everything by herself so hopefully next year Schaeffer will be big enough to ride with her.
We happened to walk by the registration for the baby contest right as they were packing up. The ladies asked me if I was coming to register my kids. I didn't know anything about it so they talked me into signing up. We had to go back to the fairgrounds Friday morning for a pre qualifying interview and then they called us back that afternoon to let us know we'd made it into the finals so we had to go back again on Saturday for the actual contest.
I thought it ended up being fun. My mom's opinion differed slightly. When it was Leighton's turn to go onstage she hammed it up and was really cute. She waved and blew kisses and I actually had to go pick her up to get her to stop. I wasn't nearly as comfortable having to walk with her up there in front of everyone.This is her with the Wash. County Queen. She got 1st place in her age division and won herself a little trophy and a vinyl growth chart.

August 7, 2011

Schaeffer's Blessing Day

We blessed my favorite little guy Schaeffer this Sunday. I was a proud mamma and wife! Thanks to all of our family and friends that came to support us!