June 22, 2008

We're Sunburnt!

This Saturday we got up early and headed out to Utah Lake. It was so nice to get there early because the water was awesome and it wasn't to crowded. The boys and Heather had a lot of fun wakeboarding and skiing. Thank goodness Chad and Kim were smart enough to bring food because otherwise we had none and wouldn't have lasted long out there. The other nice thing was that gas didn't hardly cost anything because we did so much BS'ing out there we hardly moved. That night we gathered together with everyone and went to Maria Bonitas to eat. That place is nice because you usually don't have to wait and their chips and salsa are awesome.
Chad and Kims dog Shay just had puppies. They're only like 9 days old. Since Heather and I are such huge dog lovers we had to go over there to see them. While we were there they got out Rock Band and everyone took a shot at it. Me and my Chad were not meant to be musicians at all. We were terrible! It was a lot of fun though.

With me and Adam on the drums we were able to handle it pretty good. Thanks everyone for hanging out with us this weekend. We're looking forward to a lot more fun this summer.

June 14, 2008

Our Fun Week

On Thursday night we went over to the Ashby's house for dinner. It was kind of a special occassion because Joe and Amanda are in town with their 2 little boys from England. Chads parents BBQ'd the fish he brought back from Alaska and we had a really nice time catching up with each other.
On Friday I went with all of the employees of Provo College to Boondocks in Draper for an Eagle Gate corporate event. For the first 3 hours we had a huge meeting. Vickie and I were lucky enough to win All Star awards which we thought was pretty cool. After all of that we got to spend the rest of the time riding the bumper boats while totally soaking each other. The Go Carts were a blast and we kicked butt at the arcades. I love the people I work with and so any opportunity to get out of the office for fun with them is the best!

Last night Chad and I also got together with Chad and Kim, Brook and Kim, and Jenny and Jake. We met at Los Hermanos and spent 2 hours over dinner talking and laughing. Not everyone knew each other and everyone was really good sports at getting to know each other. We had a lot of fun and hopefully they all did too.

This afternoon I went with my favorite twins on a little hike/walk. We went to the trail by Bridal Veil Falls. We walked for well over an hour and it felt awesome to get out and get some sun and excercise. Cooper was a big hit too. Everyone had to stop and pet the puppy and ask me what kind of dog he was.

While I was doing this Chad headed to Strawberry to 4 wheel with his dad, Joe, and Todd. That's about his favorite thing to do, so I'm sure he'll come home happy.

June 9, 2008

We're home

We're finally home! Vacations are the best and are usually well needed, but after 11 days of being gone it's so good to be back and even to start working again. We didn't end up leaving Provo for St. George until 10:00p because we were crazy just trying to get everything situated. So we got to St. George and slept until like 3:00a when we had to get up and drive to the airport in Vegas. We made it to Vancouver early that morning and were exhausted! I got a little camera happy and took a ton of pics here. This is everyone that we traveled with. Chad and I, my parents, and the Mitchells. That is some of the Vancouver skyline in the background. It was actually a huge city.
Totem poles are a pretty big deal in Vancouver and also Alaska. I honestly never read why...is that so bad, but here is a picture of us in front of a group of them. These really pretty flowers were all over Vancouver. My parents were freaking out trying to figure out what they were and if they'd grow in St. George.

Hopefully you can kind of see that suspension bridge in the background. It is the worlds longest suspension bridge and crosses over a deep canyon with a raging river below it. We had fun running across it to make it shake while watching a lot of the Asian tourists get really stressed out.
That's our boat in the background. It was called the Celebrity Millenium. We had a balcony view on the 9th floor. It was a huge ship that had tons to do. One of our favorite things besides eating constantly was going to the theater at night to watch the different comedians, magicians, and the celebrity singers and dancers.
Ketchikan was our first stop on the cruise. We had the chance to actually walk through the stores as well as some of the little neighborhoods.
That's a glacier in the background. I think it was called Hubbard Glacier and they told us it was the most visited glacier in the world. Since it was starting to warm up the glaciers were doing what is called "calfing" It just means that the ice is starting to melt off but it sounds a lot like an avalanche when it falls. This pictures was taken at a little place called Liarsville. It was a cute little town that was set up to replicate back in the day when all of the gold miners were coming to Alaska and this was the last place they stopped b4 heading up to the mountains. We panned for gold there and they did a little show for us that was fun.

This is a picture that I liked of my mom and Chad. This is the only day that it rained on us which we thought was so lucky.

These are some pictures of the boys and their deep sea fishing excursion. My dad and Chad both caught a sting ray but they had to throw them back. Overall they were really successfull and had a blast.

Hopefully you guys aren't to bored yet. I feel like I just posted a ton of pictures! I swear it looks like we're wearing the same clothes in all of them too! I promise it was just the jacket, I did change clothes a few times. I would totally tell anyone to visit Alaska. It's so beautiful and different from what we see every day here. The animal life that's all over was really fun too. We're also glad that we got to go on an awesome vacation with my parents and the Mitchells. They were all good traveling companions.