July 28, 2014


On Monday night we went to the SF rodeo which is kind of tradition in Chad's family.  The kids always have a great time and so do I.  On the 24th we wanted to stay home and get some of our house projects done.  We have been working on repainting Leighton's bedroom set and finishing our garage.  Our neighbors sent me a text saying they had bought tons of fireworks so to plan on a show once it got dark.  Everyone on our street is brand new to the neighborhood so I went around and knocked on doors inviting people to come up.  We ended up with a good crowd and it was a great and relaxed way for us to meet everyone.  The fireworks ended up being the most exciting and probably scary ones that I've ever been involved with.  Because we are on a newly developed street most people done have their yards done and some of the houses have a yard full of weeds.  We happened to be in the street between two of those houses.  I think by the time the night was over we had put out 12 fires.  The Gragg's were smart enough to bring out a fire extinguisher so none of them got crazy out of control but it still gets your adrenaline pumping.  One of the bigger fireworks that got set off ended up tipping over and was shooting fireballs everywhere.  Once I saw what was happening I grabbed the baby and Leighton and took off running to the garage and we ended up just getting missed.  Scared the crap out of me and Leighton.  Chad and Schaeff were standing at the end of the road talking and watched the whole thing happen.  By the time the night was over we all felt like we had bonded and now we have a story to tell.  So thankful for Utah's pioneer heritage.  We are so in debt to them for all of the sacrifices they made.

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