July 23, 2014

10 Months

 This little guy is a dream baby!  I really can't believe he is almost a year.  He is so happy almost all of the time.  It took him a little longer than my other kids to sleep through the night but now that he does it is amazing.  He likes his naps and always wakes up ridiculously happy.  He says mama all day long.  His brother and especially his sister are in love with him.  He is so happy go lucky and just goes along with whatever they are dishing out to him.  He thinks bath time is the best.  He will just sit in there and splash away till I take him out.  I think he is my chubbiest baby and I love that.  His little legs and bum are so  squishy and cute and I want to squeeze them all day.  He has great hair that is getting blonder as the summer goes on.  He loves anyone that wants to hold him and give him attention.  He will wave and give his big toothy smile.  I could go on and on but we are just enjoying having this little guy around!

I think these two look so much alike.  Especially in this picture.

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