January 1, 2012


Schaeffer had his eye surgery and it went great. This is a picture of him in recovery. It was the LONGEST day! The poor boy didn't eat until about 2 that afternoon. When we went for his 2 week follow up the Dr. was really excited about how well he was doing.
This is our the only New Year's picture we have. It was low key this year but I think it was just right.
This is Schaeffer getting to know Santa. He is such a mellow kid. Just sat up there and let us take pictures.
Leighton cheesed it up. She knew all about Santa this year and was excited to see him or talk to him every chance she got. I made her a little Christmas outfit to wear to the Beck family party.
Kyns and Leighton had matching outfits.
We had some fun with friends in December.
I just realized that about an hour ago I deleted all of the Christmas pictures from my camera. I would be totally devastated other than I know I loaded them on the computer at my mom and dads house. I thought for sure I'd put them on my laptop.


Monica said...

I'm glad his eye surgery went well and you had a nice December. :)

Ryan said...

Glad you guys have had a wonderful December. I too am happy that Schaeffers surgery went well.

Janey said...

Great pictures! That is one cute little girl's Christmas outfit. Schaeffer is so handsome!

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Amazing Love said...

You spent a nice Christmas, cheers!
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