January 22, 2012

Busy Weekend

This weekend has been busy!
We've had company since Wednesday night...I'm not complaining, we loved it!
We drove to and from Rexburg on Friday for this pretty girls wedding.
I am also vowing to never stay in a motel with my children again. I think my parents do to.
Our fun group
Schaeff's scrunch face. He LOVES his tub time. I think he gets some of his aggression out.
He slaps the heck out of the water for a good 15 minutes.
These 2 had fun playing in the snow. They created this unique creature and were very proud of themselves.
Schaeff hated sledding. Leighton loved it.
We did an early bday party for Leighton with her St. George family. She got some cute things.
Leighton got to have some girl/cousin time. Chad set them up a tent in the living room and they had a sleepover/campout.


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