January 31, 2010

It's fun to turn 1!

This little stink had her 1st birthday on Friday. I'm not the party throwing type but for her first birthday we couldn't resist.
Chad and I were so touched by all the people that came to celebrate with us. We had an easy dinner, talked and visited, and then watched Leighton open her presents and eat cake.We're missing 2 kids who had went home by this time but I'm so excited to get to watch all these little ones grow up. I think they're going to be a fun group.
Leighton is the kind of girl that I don't even put a bib on when I feed her because she's so clean. So I guess I'm not surprised that she was so careful as she ate her cake. She liked it and was very persistent with eating, but she was pretty clean. I think the only reason she has frosting on her is because uncle Jason helped her smear some on her forehead and chest.
My mom, dad, and grandma made the trip up from St. George. I never got picture of them at the party so I made them pose for me after church.

Happy 1st Leighton!! We Love you so much!


{Anne} said...

Oh my heck..I truly can't believe she is already ONE! She is THE cutest thing ever. What a fun party and it looks like she cashed in with all those presents! HAPPY BIRTHDAY sweet Leighton!

Andy and Steph said...

Elise- we had so much fun! Thanks again for the invite--- she is so adorable! Nicely done on the party throwing---if you feel like doing it again in two months for Reagan, I won't mind :)

Monica said...

She is seriously so cute. It's so funny that some kids will totally dig into their cakes and others like Leighton are clean about it. My baby girl is bound to dig in haha she's already full of sugar because I'm a candy addict! :)

Burke family said...

I seriously can't believe she's one already. And she is just too cute! I hope I get to meet her soon!