January 5, 2010

Holiday Happenings

This is our New Years kiss

The best part of 2009 was of course the birth of our baby girl. It's made every single day something new and exciting.

We'll be celebrating her 1st birthday the end of this month... I can't believe it!

We spent Christmas in St George with my family. Most everyone was able to be there this year and we had a big family dinner at Pancho and Leftys. I don't like to be front and center but I was the one who knew how to run the self timer.

Christmas morning was exciting because we got to open presents with Leighton for her first time. She got some fun toys, clothes, and books.

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Burke family said...

Kids make the holidays so much more fun, huh? And it just keeps getting better and better. BUt seriously, when did your baby almost turn one?! That's crazy! So sad I didn't get to see you guys while in Idaho... hopefully soon, huh?