July 29, 2009

Park City

My parents invited us to Park City to stay with them in a condo over the 24th of July. We had a really good time other than at night. It was sooo hot in our room that I felt like I was awake all night long. It's always nice to spend some quality time with the family. Having a dog is sometimes not the most convenient thing when you want to go out of town. We had the hardest time figuring out what to do with Cooper so that put a little damper on the trip. Thankfully John Shay let him stay at his house Friday and Saturday night. My mom and I did some good shopping at the Tanger Outlets. We got Leighton stocked up with 12 month clothes for winter. The other really great thing we did was go out to eat a lot. We discovered some awesome restaurants that we'd never eaten at before. Eating out is by far about my favorite thing to do.
I didn't take my camera out until the very last night so I don't have a whole lot of pics to share.

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