July 20, 2009

Hot Hot Hot

We took an extended weekend to St. George with our friends Jake, Jenny, and Jesse. We had such a good time. It was so hot. I think they had record tempatures. To beat the heat we did lot's of swimming and lot's of water volleyball. We also had an early morning tee time at my favorite course Red Hills. We went out to dinner at Iggys which is so much better in St George and did some BBQ'ing. I think it was a much needed getaway for all of us. Thanks guys for coming with us!


Jess and Heather said...

that sounds so fun!!! I can't wait to hang out with you guys again in Utah!

Paul*Anne*Cohen said...

your hair is getting so long and you look really great! Leighton is about the cutest little thing ever. Gorgeous girl!

Skyler and Chelsea said...

That does sound fun! I miss st. george - we were there in February, but I love it down there. Cute pic btw