September 30, 2013

Gibson's debut

 I went in for my 40 week appointment on Tuesday the 24th.  The Doctor did a quick ultrasound and we saw that my fluid levels were to low to keep the baby in there much longer.  He told me to get my schedule cleared and plan on being induced in the morning. 
I was a nervous wreck all night long and didn't get much sleep.  Kourtney showed up at 5:30 that next morning to stay with my kids and we were off for the hospital. 
Everything progressed really quickly but this little baby did make me work harder than I wanted to getting him out.  I pushed for about 25 minutes before we got to see him.  Chad and I were pretty surprised by how much he weighed and all of the hair he had.  I thought Schaeffer was a good sized baby at 7.11 but Gibson came in at 8.5 lbs.  No wonder my ribs and insides were always burning. 
 We were so excited for our kids to come over and meet their new baby brother.  We've all been so ready for him to get here and join our family.  They loved him immediately and wanted to hug and hold him as much as we would let them.

 I love this picture of them checking him out in the nursery.  They are so proud of him.
 My grandma and aunt Chrissy were life savers.  They came up as soon as they could Wednesday so that they could stay and take care of my kids while I was in the hospital.  To say Leighton and Schaeffer got spoiled would be an understatement.  They got to go to Toy's R Us while we were gone for a shopping spree.  I came home to all sorts of new toys and two happy kids.  My parents came up Thursday night and thankfully I have my mom here with me all week.  Parents and grandparents are such a blessing!
Gibson is such a sweet baby.  He loves to be held and will snuggle as much as you'll let him.  So far he is incredibly good natured and are so happy and blessed to have him!


Kelly O'Roark said...

He is a cutie pie!!! Totally made my day reading this. To bad I am not there to help out. I miss your kiddo's bunches. Isn't it fun when family spoil's your kids and you don't need to worry as much about them? Miss you and love you bunches!!! Kel

chris m. said...

He is so cute. Love all that blonde hair. The pictures you took are so adorable, I love the one with Kay looking through the nursery with his bro and sis. What a cute little family of 5 you all make.

Pankaj Kapoor said...

nice baby such a cutie pie

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