February 3, 2013

 One of my favorite things in the month of January was spending 2 days in Park City for the Sundance film festival.  I was literally this close to Alicia Keys and it was awesome!  We saw tons of other stars but she was the only one I really took a picture of.
 We celebrated Leighton's birthday quite a few times this past month.  She means the world to our family and it's fun to make her feel special.

 New Year's was a ton of fun.  We celebrated past 1am which is a huge thing for Chad.
 Schaeffer is nearing his terrible two's and it is scaring us.  Seriously this kid has some anger.  I think it could be a challenge some days.
 More celebrating Leighton's birthday.
 Playing with my new camera and some of the settings.
Leighton had her friend party and Lowe's Xtreme Air Sports.


Blog Saya said...

is he your son ?

he is cute ^^

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