September 29, 2012

CA Vacation

 My parents took us on an awesome vacation to San Diego.  Day 1 started whale watching.  We didn't see anthing but they gave us another ticket to come back again.
 The next day was the Safari Park.  It was blazing HOT!  Coolest thing we saw was the cheetah run.

 My parents with their grands at the beach.  I loved the amazing sunset!
 Next visit was the San Diego Zoo.  It puts the Hogle Zoo to shame.
 Then Sea  World.  It was a great day to go because it felt like we had the place to ourselves.
 Group photo
 I knew Leighton would love the rides but so did Schaeffer.
 We fit in one day at Disneyland.  Would have loved it to of been two.
 Toy Story was our favorite ride of the day.

We had a great time.  The week flew by!!  Love you mom and dad,

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