August 16, 2012


 Jesse and Melinda invited us all to Vegas for an extended weekend.  It was hot but we always have so much fun with this group of friends.  The pool was awesome and the girls got away to shop for awhile.  Chad and I left our kids in St. George for the weekend so we had no responsibility.
 Some of us headed to the strip for the Vegas experience.

 Chad thought that everyone needed to be competing at all times so here is everyone planking.  They also did push up competitions and all sorts of swimming ones.
 Can I just tell you what a sweet sister Leighton is.  She loves her little brother more than anything else.  She climbed in bed with him one morning and got him a whole bunch of books to read until I could go in there to get him.
I'm pretty obssesed with Schaeffer's cheese face.  I could take pictures of it all day long.

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BJ said...

hey guys! I have a HUGE favor to ask...I was just in SF at my parents and left a garbage bag full of our dirty clothes, that i need desperately! So, it looks like you were just down this way, BUT, if you might be coming again soon would you mind checking with me to see if i still need it brought down this way? My mother of course will have it all washed and ready, but i just need it back this way as soon as possible... if you or anyone you know might be coming this way that would be willing to drop it off, i would GREATLY appreciate it. I have let a few people know, so double check with me first. Just email or txt. Thannks guys and glad you got to get away without the kids! elise, i must admit, schaefer's cheeser is VERY cute! emberlynn just learned how to "Moo" and it is hilarious! Kids are fun! Anyway, let me know if you find anyone willing to help. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!