May 5, 2012

Big boy turns 1

My favorite little boy turns 1.
We put together an "Under the Sea" party to celebrate the big day.
We had all of our favorite people over for dinner and a little fun.
Schaeffer got some fun toys (sandbox, wiggle car, slip n slide, some cute clothes and lot's of other fun toys).
He actually really liked his cake.  He sat there and ate it for quite awhile.
Now we just need this little boy to walk!  He is pretty stubborn when it comes to practicing.

Love you Schaeffer Buddy!!!


BJ said...

i can't believe he is one already!!! Time flies! LOVE the cake, did you make it? Super cute and looks like you all had a lot of fun!

Lisa said...

So cute!! Did you make the cake? It looks awesome!! Sad we missed it all!