October 30, 2011


It isn't quite Halloween yet and I feel like we have been celebrating forever! It has been so much fun! This is probably my favorite time of year by far. We carved pumpkins with the Atwater's for FHE.
This picture was taken at the petting zoo at Thanksgiving Point. We went there with my parents last weekend to enjoy the awesome weather and do some of the fun Halloween activities they had going on.
This past Friday we went to Estrada Farms which was so much fun! Leighton had so much fun with Shay, Jack, and Cason. They had a corn box, maze, jump house, and a train.
This big group is everyone at the Beck Family Halloween Party. McCall planned a fun video scavenger hunt for us. We risked our lives (seriously) waddling across Spanish Fork Main Street. I'll be embarrassed if any of you saw us.
I sure adore these two! I saw Leighton's costume on Pinterest and we just kind of ran with the Wizard of Oz theme from there. I even had Leighton watch it on the internet and she loved it, Especially the Wicked Witch of the West which is where Christin comes in.
Here we are following the yellow brick road.
This is one of Leighton's besties..Reagan. We went trick or treating at the Riverwoods on Saturday.
Chad and Kim threw a really fun Halloween party this past Friday. Her house was decorated so cute and she had so many fun treats for us all. She did all of this 7 or 8 months pregnant too which I thought was super ambitious!
Sorry for the double dose from FB. Thanks for reading!


Wells Family said...

So so cute! Love the pics! Both of your kids are growing so fast! They are both just adorable! I Love Leighton's costume, I too saw that on pintrest and if I had a girl I would diffentaly do that too, great job, super cute!

Bj said...

wow! You guys know how to celebrate halloween!!! We haven't done anything for halloween this year...except tonight they will go trick or treating. How fun to go to all of those get togethers!!! The costumes are awesome too! Great job guys!

Christin said...

So fun! Thanks for letting me be apart of your family costume :)

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