May 30, 2011

Memorial Day

We spent our 2nd weekend in a row in St. George

Chad and I did some hiking and biking. This was taken in Snow Canyon on our hike to 3 ponds. Probably wouldn't recommend it. Hiking through deep sand for 3 miles to 3 little mossy puddles isn't my favorite, but for quality time with Chad I guess it was worth it.

My family got in some good baby cuddling.Leighton wore little or no clothes all weekend. It wasn't that warm but compared to Utah County it felt like a heat wave.
We roasted marshmallows in the backyard.
So nice to come to a place where we've got some willing babysitters and warm weather to enjoy!


Kelly O'Roark said...

That just made my day!!!! Nothing better to laugh at then Leighton's cute little baby bum! Chad is so lucky to have his little lady give him a back rub. Call me soon!

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sahariar king said...

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Marley's Mom said...

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