April 17, 2011

Weekend Fun

We spent this past weekend in Park City and enjoyed perfect weather at the Hogle Zoo. Leighton and Kynslie got to try out their new swimsuits in the motel hot tub.Two weekends ago we went to St. George. Leighton and her cute cousin had an early Easter egg hunt at Grandma and Grandpa's because we won't make it down for Easter this year.

We had all of my mom's siblings and their families in town and were able to take some group pictures. This one was taken at the Pasta Factory where we had a girl's lunch to celebrate a couple of birthdays. This is my sis in law, grandma, and mom.
This is the whole group.
This picture is of Chad and Leighton going on a daddy daughter date. They went to JCW's to get shakes and then to the mall so she could play in the tree house.


Kelly O'Roark said...

Ahhh! I love it. Elise, You look so cute with a belly (In fact you really only look maybe 6 months pregnant!) I absolutly adore the picture of Leighton with her big curls, smile, and headband! I can't wait to see all of you. Still waiting for your phone call! Take care! Love you!

Kelly O'Roark said...

Oh yeah!!! When do I get a date with Chad? It's been a while... :-)

Amanda said...

We love Leighton's curls!


Cute Pictures...you are so tiny, you don't look like you are due before me!