December 29, 2010

Christmas Catch-Up

We had such an awesome Christmas holiday. Everyone from Grandmas and Grandpas to aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends made everything so special and fun...especially for Leighton. It's so fun to have her energy and excitement around this time of year. She is officially a Princess. She got so much fun dress up things, and anything and everything to do with Cinderella and the Disney Princesses. She's still in heaven with it all and wants to start playing the second she wakes up. We did an early Christmas with the Ashby family and also had a Christmas Eve breakfast with them that was so good.
Leighton is quite the jumping bean so her grandma and grandpa got her a little trampoline she can keep inside.
We spent the rest of the weekend in St. George with all of my family. Pretty much everyone was around this year so that was fun. Leighton has a cousin that is about a month older than her so they had a blast playing with each other.

This is Chad's gun safe that we are going to keep in our bedroom. Watch out intruders!

This is a picture of my family on Christmas day over at my grandmas.
Now that we're home I'm feeling an incredible urge to just clean, organize, and get prepared for this next year. We got all of our Christmas stuff down last night and we're ready to move on!
These are a couple videos that I thought were cute. Her reactions crack me up.


Erin said...

I can't believe how much she is talking! She is so cute opening all her presents!

Janey said...

Love the reactions! She is so cute!

I'm gonna have to get my 3 yr old one of those trampolines.

Amanda said...

What a cutie! I just watched the videos. I love how she just screamed with excitement.

chris m. said...

I love the video clips. Super cute. ;)


Looks like you had a good Christmas, your little girl is so dang cute. Congrats on the pregnancy...we will be having our boys within a week or two of each other. The next time you are down you really need to look us up. Good luck with the pregnancy and weight much fun!!!