May 10, 2010

Pictures Galore

Chad has found a new love in mountain biking. He goes whenever he can. This is a picture of a fun trip he took to Moab with Brian, TJ, Brook and Kim.
Chad made Mother's Day weekend a lot of fun. On Sunday we rode our bikes on the back roads from Spanish Fork to Payson to visit his aunt and then went over to his grandmas for a big family dinner.

I thought this was a great picture of Kay and McCall. McCall will be leaving us for the summer at the end of this month to go to El Salvador and we sure are going to miss her.

It was fun having Amanda and her family in town for a week. This was taking pictures the night before they left.

A few weeks ago Leighton and I went with the Ashby family on a trip to San Fransisco for a few days. It was Leighton's first time flying.
Grandpa Garth with his 3 best grand kids.
Cute Jade and Leighton
Cardinals vs. Giants ball game in San Fran.

Other than our boat ride to Alcatraz this was as close as we got to the ocean.
We had to visit Ghiradelli square two different times because their ice cream was so good.
Us and Jason in China Town.
We ate at a lot of good restaurants but Leighton's favorite was the Mexican restaurant with the black beans.

We took a boat over to Alcatraz Island the first day we got there.

It doesn't show up in this picture but the view from over there of San Fransisco were amazing.


Christin said...

Go Chad for making mothers day fun, he's a keeper!

Kelly O'Roark said...

I'm jelous you were able to see Alcatraz. I didn't have much time in San Francisco, but the time I did have there I loved it! So let me guess, Chad had to work and missed out on the fun? I can't wait to have fun with Leighton this summer. You won't need a baby sitter.

Crystal said...

Looks like you guys had tons of fun! We went to Alcatraz a couple of years ago and it was pretty interesting. I can't believe we haven't seen you guys in such a long time. I want to see that cute girl of yours in person!

Kelly said...

Beautiful little family you have going on. Nice to see pictures of everybody, hope you don't mind us sneaking in and looking.