June 20, 2009

Rice Cereal

I've hesitated feeding Leighton rice cereal this soon only because my Doctor said their little systems deal with it better closer to six months of age, but my parents are in town and I felt brave. She loved it! We couldn't get it in her mouth quick enough and she was basically trying to feed herself. She was a cute little mess.Chad surprised us with a new life jacket for the baby and also a carrier. We packed Leighton around the house in it for awhile to test it out.


Autumn said...

What a cutie! I just love those BLUE eyes! I say go for the rice cereal, I gave it to both of my boys around 4 months, especially and night, it helps fill them up and sleep through the night better. You are a great mom Elise, keep it up!

Ryan said...

So much cool stuff going on in her life it looks like she was speechless and in awe. Hehe.