April 28, 2009


We finally closed on our townhome!!! It was a long time coming and we couldn't be more excited.This is our mortgage broker and realtor. They both had to put in a lot of extra effort and we appreciate them for it.

For the most part we've just been trying to get settled in. It's been really fun getting stuff to decorate. Decorating is not my forte so we'll see how it all turns out.

I've been horrible at taking pictures lately but I'll just post a few of my faves really quick.

This is one of my favorite people, Stephanie and her cute little baby Reagan. These two are about 6 wks apart in age.

Here is Leighton and her daddy visiting at the Buhlers house.

Here are the lifesaver Durfeys that let us live with them while we were in limbo.

We are going to miss living 4 ft away from the Buhlers. They have been the worlds best neighbors.

We're blessing Leighton this weekend so we've got some family coming to town and we're excited for the weekend.


Randy and Anissa said...

Oh my gosh, she's getting so big! Where did you guys end up buying your townhome? We're looking for something to buy too, so hopefully that happens soon! We miss you guys!!


Cute, Cute little girl, isn't crazy how fast they grow. Are you blessing her here in St. George?

BJ said...

so excited for you guys! I always think it's fun settling in to a new place, tiring, but fun. Can't wait to see pics of the place!