June 22, 2008

We're Sunburnt!

This Saturday we got up early and headed out to Utah Lake. It was so nice to get there early because the water was awesome and it wasn't to crowded. The boys and Heather had a lot of fun wakeboarding and skiing. Thank goodness Chad and Kim were smart enough to bring food because otherwise we had none and wouldn't have lasted long out there. The other nice thing was that gas didn't hardly cost anything because we did so much BS'ing out there we hardly moved. That night we gathered together with everyone and went to Maria Bonitas to eat. That place is nice because you usually don't have to wait and their chips and salsa are awesome.
Chad and Kims dog Shay just had puppies. They're only like 9 days old. Since Heather and I are such huge dog lovers we had to go over there to see them. While we were there they got out Rock Band and everyone took a shot at it. Me and my Chad were not meant to be musicians at all. We were terrible! It was a lot of fun though.

With me and Adam on the drums we were able to handle it pretty good. Thanks everyone for hanging out with us this weekend. We're looking forward to a lot more fun this summer.


Jess and Heather said...

puppies!! :) Your weekend looked way fun!

Lydia said...

I am glad that you guys had a good time. Stephen told me that you were out. We got fried. Well, I did, but not the kids.

Rock Band looks like so much fun. I am totally jealous!

BrainandHeatherCole said...

Hey Ashby's
That was such a fun day! Thanks for inviting us boating!

BJ said...

flattering!?!? Ha! I had to have been the most annoying person. I hope you burned those! Anyway, so funny to find out my brother in law knows elise's parents, they used to be in the same ward down here. It's a small world. What on earth is your sister doing living in England??? Looks like you guys have a lot of fun! THanks for always putting up with me, i was a dork! Good thing we're all grown up now huh? ;)

jaesi said...

Elise!!!! Hola chicka.
I swear you can find anyone you want on here. You look fab!
There is this little girl in my neighborhood out here named Elise and everytime I hear her name I think of you. :)

Matt & Jen said...

Looks like the burn was worth it! You guys look like you always have tonz of fun together! Your cute!

Skyler & Chelsea Evans said...

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see ya!
Skyler & Chelsea Evans